Our Ingredients

  • amyris
    Amyris essential oil facilitate relaxation, particularly before sleep. It is also used to help improve the appearance of fine lines and the texture of mature skin.
    sourced from dominican republic
  • basalm of peru
    This aroma helps soothe out-of-control emotions, calms nervous tension, and can promote a tranquil environment. It also soothes irritated skin and prevents moisture loss.
    sourced from el salvador
  • benzoin
    The aroma of benzoin essential oil can relieve anxiety, tension, nervousness, and stress. This oil also has astringent properties, which makes it highly effective as a toner, can prevent moisture loss and increase the elasticity of the skin.
    sourced from sumatra
  • Bergamot
    Bergamot essential oil is known to be calming to the spirit. It promotes a positive outlook and soothes anxiety. It also has the ability to soften hairs and sooth irritated scalps.
    sourced from italy
  • black pepper
    With a fresh, warm and woody scent, black pepper essential oil is an invigorating oil which increases energy. The potent antioxidants in black pepper help to detoxify your skin and revitalizes your hair.
    sourced from madagascar
  • caraway
    Caraway is known to help relieve stress by calming the nerves. Caraway essential oil helps in regulating the growth and development of cells and aids in improved natural complexion of the skin.
    sourced from europe
  • cedarwood
    Cedarwood is known for its sweet and woody fragrance, characterized as warm and comforting. It is naturally promoting stress relief and ease tension while improving cerebral activity and enhancing concentration.
    sourced from himalayan mountains
  • cinnamon
    Cinnamon essential oil is reputed to calm dry skin, effectively alleviate aches, pains, nourish the skin, and revive the skin tone. Cinnamon is known to have calming and tonic effects on the mind that are reputed to result in an improved cognitive function.
    sourced from sri lanka
  • clary sage
    The addition of clary sage essential oil helps to regulate sebum production, tones the skin as mild astringent, and reduces inflammation. The aroma of clary sage has properties such as antidepressant effects, improved digestion, and stress relief.
    sourced from the usa
  • cypress
    Promoting vitality and boosting energetic feelings, cypress essential oil can be used for its aromatic and topical benefits. It can be applied topically
    to give the body an energizing lift and promote healthy skin.
    sourced from morocco
  • eucalyptus
    The cooling and healing scent of eucalyptus essential oil is known to relieve mental exhaustion by boosting circulation, stimulating the mind and rejuvenating the spirit. It is a purifying, cleansing, clarifying, and immune-boosting oil that is ideal for use on skin.
    sourced from south africa
  • fir balsam
    Fir balsam essential oil antioxidant properties help to fight against free radicals which will prevent premature ageing of the skin. It also helps to relieve muscle pain.
    sourced from canada
  • frankincense
    Frankincense essential oil powerful fragrance has been linked with enhancing spiritual experiences and concentration. This oil contains properties that reduce feelings of anxiety and enhance relaxation. Its tonic property also strengthen hair roots and helps to assist with skin cell health and vitality.
    sourced from somalia
  • ginger
    Ginger essential oil is stimulating and warming and can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Used on the skin, this oil restores color and radiance to a dull complexion.
    sourced from india
  • grapefruit
    Grapefruit essential oil provides an invigorating and energizing aroma, that has positive effects on mood and anxiety. Moreover, it helps to promote healthy skin and hair.
    sourced from israel
  • holy basil
    Holy basil essential oil helps counterbalance life stressors and promotes mental balance. In addition to offering stress relief, holy basil is said to offer immune system support.
    sourced from india
  • lavender
    Lavender oil helps to boost mental activity, encourages clarity and insight, and relieves fatigue. Diluted and used topically, it is known to reduce pain, soothe inflammation, eliminate headaches, strengthen the immune system. It also has the benefit to stimulate hair growth, and condition hair to make it look and feel healthy.
    sourced from south africa
  • liquidambar
    Liquidambar provides a true natural amber extract that calms the nerves. Because liquidambar contains benzyl, it is also an excellent option for pain relief.
    sourced from honduras
  • mandarin
    Mandarin essential oil is a circulatory stimulant, whilst providing an uplifting aroma to awaken the senses.
    sourced from italy
  • marjoram
    Marjoram is used topically and aromatically for its calming properties. It also has a positive effect on the nervous system: the aroma of marjoram oil is warm and helps promote a calming atmosphere. Marjoram is also known to reduce pain, soothe muscle aches and other generalized soreness.
    sourced from egypt
  • myrrh
    Myrrh is a powerful antioxidant that may help heal skin sores and alleviate pain. Sometimes used as an ingredient in skincare products, myrrh essential oil is also purported to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
    sourced from somalia
  • nagarmotha
    Nagarmotha is packed with antioxidants that can ease oxidative stress, thereby acting as an anti- aging agent, and lighten the skin tone.
    sourced from india
  • neroli
    Neroli essential oil can be used as an anti- depressant. It calms the mind and body, and balances the skin. Its anti-oxidant properties encourage healthy cell growth, allowing neroli to boost and revitalize dull looking hair.
    sourced from france
  • palmarosa
    Palmarosa essential oil has natural calming virtues. This powerful essential oil helps to cleanse, balance and stimulate circulation.
    sourced from nepal
  • palo santo
    Palo santo is renowned for its distinctive uplifting fragrance and its pronounced healing powers. The antioxidants in this oil will help to reduce stress levels and stimulate the growth of new skin cells.
    sourced from ecuador
  • patchouli
    Patchouli essential oil has a grounding, balancing, calming scent and provides numerous health benefits, making it ideal for therapeutic use in cosmetics and aromatherapy.
    sourced from indonesia
  • petitgrain
    Due to its chemical makeup, petitgrain essential oil can be helpful in creating a calm and relaxed environment. The relaxing effect of this essential oil helps to reduce anxiety and stress by uplifting the mood and inducing positive thinking.
    sourced from egypt
  • rosemary
    The aroma from rosemary can improve a person’s concentration, performance, speed, and accuracy. This essential oil helps to increase scalp circulation, which promotes healthy hair growth.
    sourced from france
  • sandalwood
    Sandalwood essential oil calms and relaxes the mind. Buddhists believe that the scent of sandalwood can help maintain alertness and focus during meditation. It is also known to help promoting healthier sleep and alleviate anxiety.
    sourced from australia
  • scotch pine
    Scotch pine essential oil is helpful for easing minor pain and inflammation as well as helping to ease unwanted muscle spasms. It also calms and supports one’s inner being. This essential oil is soothing when one is dealing with anger and frustration and can help transition to a more pleasant frame of mind.
    sourced from bulgaria
  • tangerine
    Tangerine essential oil has therapeutic properties that instantly lift the mood and fill us with zest and energy. This oil is a good source of vitamin B12 that reduces hair loss, promotes hair growth and is also beneficial in detoxifying and purifying the skin.
    sourced from the usa
  • texas cedarwood
    Texas cedar soothes anxiety, stress, and nervous tension. When applied as a massage blend, it relieves sore muscles and joints.
    sourced from the usa
  • vetiver
    Vetiver essential oil is known to firm, tighten, and protect skin against the harsh effects of environmental stressors, thereby exhibiting anti- aging properties. It is reputed to balance and preserve emotional well-being while enhancing concentration This profoundly calming and relaxing effect has the added benefit of promoting restful sleep.
    sourced from haiti
  • ylang ylang
    Ylang ylang essential oil is known to enhance circulation, maintain hydration and sooth inflammation and irritation. By calming the mind and body, ylang ylang is a natural anti- depressant and promotes the faster onset of sleep.
    sourced from madagascar