Our Philosophy

To discover 'the path’ is to reach an enlightened sense of wisdom, an energised and powerful knowledge of oneself.

Over the last 5,000 years, the teachings of Shen Nong, the father of Eastern restorative herbal medicine, have been crafted into a precise methodic philosophy centred around the body’s balance and free flowing energy systems. Adopting these learnings into the modern day, DAO was formed.

A preparation of natural essential oils, compounded into a series of daily rituals used to create natural balance in our cyclical lives; to stimulate as the sun rises, and to unwind as it sets. This is the practice of balance, and the discipline of opposing forces which create a harmonious tranquility to our natural state.


Just as the moon circles the earth and the earth the sun, human bodies are energy systems that abide by the act of diurnal living.

As an anchor for day to night rituals, DAO unites two key elements, the sun and the moon, characterised through the merging of the two Chinese symbols.

To practice DAO, is to pay tribute to the healing properties of nature.


DAO believes in the purity of mother nature. With oils and fragrances identifiable through their distinct scents across our range, our intention is to compose optimal blends without obscuring the natural healing properties of each plant used. The result is an uncomplicated and concentrated herbal mixture to allow for maximum absorption of each ingredient into your sensorial system.

Through this philosophy of extraction and mixology all Dao products are made using at least 95% natural ingredients, with a quest to source the highest grade of organic essential oils.

Contributing to the harmony of our cyclical world, we are proud to say that all Dao products are free from GMOs, Parabens, synthetic colours and fragrances. Making every small step we can to promote the growth of our earth’s medicinal flora.